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Frequently asked questions

How and Where is the program held and facilitated?

The program is facilitated over three Gatherings, with each Gathering consisting of three day-sessions. The first and third Gathering is held in Leith's premises, Fjerde Etasje, in Oslo - whilst the second is held at a remote location.

Do I have to arrange travel and accommodation during the program?

All travel and accomodation are arranged for you, during the entirety of the program. This includes car-travel to and from Fjerde Etasje in Oslo, and air-travel to the destination of your Second Gathering. All hotel lodging is booked on you behalf for all Gatherings.

Do I have to prepare anything ahead of my gatherings?

The Accelerator Program is part case-based, and part theory-based. The program is designed as a learning journey, where you will be notified of case-work and coaching-sessions with the facilitators, Trond T. Kalleberg and Knut Ivar Karevold, in due time. 

How can I find more information about the program?

You can find all program related information by visiting your program page. You can access your program page here. If you have any further questions regarding the program content, or any other practical details, you are most welcome to contact your Leith Concierge.
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